M4M Services

m4mHEALTHYsex.org provides four Internet-based services for MSM in Pennsylvania…

guy ponderingHealth Alerts – The Health Alerts list service provides important health-related bulletins to men throughout the state. These bulletins are backed by 25 years  of experience (through the Pitt Men’s Study medical staff) in working with a diverse group of MSM. Individuals interested in subscribing to the service can send an email to PMS@stophiv.pitt.edu with the word subscribe in the subject line.  You will then receive a confirmation message to verify your email address. Members can unsubscribe at any time, and email addresses will be kept private and confidential.

Online “Sexual Health Educator”– Through one-on-one messaging in places like grindr, craigslist and adam4adam, our online Sexual Health Educator can provide important sexual health information on the spot, including referrals to free HIV testing, answer basic questions about HIV and other STDs and provide up-to-date safer sex information. If you see us online, don’t be shy. We like to chat.

Online H.I.V. Prevention Education  Using a comprehensive, interactive online educational tool, men who have sex with men can learn everything they need to know about H.I.V. prevention. The Rural AIDS Prevention Project was created by the University of Wyoming and was later adapted by the Pennsylvania Prevention Project for use in the state of Pennsylvania. Of couse the application can be used by anyone interested in H.I.V. prevention. The learning tool can be found on the “Online H.I.V. Prevention Education” page of this Website.

News Blog and Health Resource Pages – Men who have sex with men continue to face dangerous and widespread health issues, many of which are ignored by the mainstream media. As a response, our up-to-date blog provides a wide range of sexual health information–including expert interviews, instructional videos and news links specifically targeting men who have sex with men. Posts can also be found on our Facebook page.