Gay Men and Unprotected Sex in the Age of HIV/AIDS

From The Body

According to many studies, anywhere from 12 to 46 percent of men who have anal sex with other men in the U.S. are doing so without condoms — and meanwhile, for many gay men, HIV prevention messages have become like broken records.

On the other hand, when you look at nearly 30 years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which has taken such a devastating toll on the gay community — many of whose members already fight homophobia, rejection by their families and lack of recognition by the state on a daily basis — perhaps the more appropriate question becomes: How could gay men not be exhausted by the prospect of protecting themselves each and every time they have sex?

In this discussion moderated by blogger fogcityjohn, a psychologist, a public-health veteran and an HIV education researcher, hash out from their own perspectives the many factors that lead gay men to engage in unprotected anal sex — and what needs to be done about it.

You can find a transcript and the full audio on

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