So what’s up with PrEP?

Travis Sherer, Board Member of GLMA

HIV specialist and Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Board Member, Travis Sherer points out some very important considerations for HIV preexposure prophylaxis, commonly referred to as PrEP. After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued temporary guidelines for doctors seeing patients who may be at high risk, Sherer proposes questions we need to ask ourselves about how we identify as a community and how realistic PrEP really is in helping men avoid HIV infection. 

In his recent editorial, he states “Taking the current PrEP regimen, FTC/TDF, on a long term basis is not an easy proposition. It is currently unclear whether commercial insurers will cover the cost of PrEP, which is estimated at over $10,000 a year. Will patients continue to take PrEP months into a costly regimen? For that matter, how long should PrEP continue?”

There are a lot of issues to weigh in light of the recent PrEP study and the CDC’s official guidelines. You can find Sherer’s editorial on the Journal of the American Acadamy of Physician Assistants Website. You can find the official government issued guidlines for PrEP on the CDC’s Website.

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