Be Well Pittsburgh! – helping uninsured Pittsburghers find health care

Be Well Pittsburgh! collaborates with health care consumers, health care providers, social service providers and community organizations to improve uninsured Pittsburghers’ awareness of and access to health care resources. Be Well! was founded in 2005 and was originally funded by a Seed Award from the Sprout Fund. The Seed Award supported the printing of 6,000 copies of a resource booklet entitled “Be Well! Healthcare Options for the Uninsured.”  The booklet was distributed in public venues
and through social service organizations in Pittsburgh. Its release was launched at a community health fair at the Quiet
coffeehouse during the summer of 2006. The information was listed online at shortly thereafter.

The information in the booklet and on the website was compiled using some existing resources and through additional research, as well as through information from health care providers themselves. All resources must be free or offered at reduced cost for
uninsured persons.

Be Well! continues to revise, update, print and distribute the booklets as funds allow.  They also continually revise and update the
website. They act as a reference source to individuals and service providers, participate in community events, and hold community information sessions on health care resources for uninsured people.

You can check out Be Well Pittsburgh! for services and more information.

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