LA-based web soap opera explores sexual decision making among young gay men

“Traditional methods of HIV prevention, like condom distribution, remain incredibly important,” says independent filmmaker Dave OʼBrien, 33, who wrote, directed and co-developed IN THE MOMENT, “Whatʼs missing among a younger generation of gay guys is any real discussion about HIV and safer sex. IN THE MOMENT is a sexy and entertaining way to capture their attention and stimulate dialogue regarding real-world sexual situations many gay men face today.”

IN THE MOMENT starts with an authentic, sexy and sometimes humorous web soap opera that explores the full range of factors that come into play in sexual decision making among young gay men. Issues like self-esteem, dating, relationships, age, body image, addiction and others are addressed as key factors in the lives of the characters. The episodes are broken into 3-5 minute “webisodes” that are easily accessible on most computers. The webisodes are a starting-place for discussion. Users create their own IN THE MOMENT profile on the site and use it to communicate on message boards and with other members.

HIV [is still a] Big Deal

“The core component of the HIV Big Deal project is a series of 10-minute video dramas that realistically address the social and health-related dilemmas gay men face. So far, two episodes have been released, and more are in production.”

If you haven’t watched the videos, you should. In fact, they should be required viewing for any guy who has sex with other guys.  If you’re HIV positive, HIV Big Deal also wants to hear from you. Share your stories about disclosing your HIV status for their new video production, Ask Me, Tell Me.